Empires rise and crumble…all in a Monday morning.

Ageless is an ongoing web fiction serial. It originated as a short story posted on reddit.com.

Genre: Fantasy, Science Fantasy

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At its heart, Ageless is a playful deconstruction of the classic fantasy trope where a twenty-first protagonist finds a portal to an ancient, magical world. It examines the origins of myth and folklore, the power of modern technology, man’s never-ending quest to achieve immortality, and the psychological effects on those who attain it. In general, fantasy novels are windows into imaginative universes built to inspire and amaze us. But what if the inhabitants of those worlds were just as amazed by the wonders of our own modern civilization?

The story is told through the eyes of Jillian Reynolds, a modern, down-to-earth young professional struggling to make ends meet in New York City. Act I chronicles Jill’s perilous journey to reunite with her missing husband while traversing Lentempia, a medieval Kingdom of mysterious origin.


When Jill’s husband Malcolm beats her in a race to the shower on a Monday morning, she anticipates another lecture from her boss on the importance of being on time. She doesn’t anticipate Malcolm to come sprinting back into the bedroom 15 seconds later, claiming he’s spent the last 1000 years in another dimension.

Now, he’s ready to take her back with him.

Before she’s even rubbed the sleep from her eyes, Jill finds herself stranded on the shores of the mysterious Kingdom of Lentempia, alone. With only a cryptic note and a young villager to guide her, she sets out on a journey to reunite with Malcolm and return home. But Lentempia is a dangerous place, plagued with conflict and threatening to break into a full-scale revolution. Jill will need to choose her friends carefully from a colorful cast of characters, including a fallen prince hell-bent on revenge, a quick-witted bard that can change his voice like the wind, and a nihilistic priest with a mysterious power. Her choices of whom to trust could be the difference between life and death.

But the biggest danger of all could be her own husband.

Ageless contains occasionally harsh language.